About Us

The mission of Firm Rock Consulting is “To provide services to our clients and thus help them to succeed, grow and strengthen their market position.”

We provide services in the field of Management consulting, Business development, Security, Implementation of ICT projects, Strategic Purchasing projects and graphic design.

Our services are based on the long-term experience of colleagues who come from the environment of multinational companies.

Our clients are entrepreneurs and companies that want to:

  • better organize their company goals and direction, achieve higher revenues, gain new clients
  • successfully implement strategic projects in the field of IT and purchasing
  • have a secure IT environment and want to use it for effective teamwork
  • attract attention with interesting corporate graphics

We work with partners and clients from various fields, from entrepreneurs, through small and medium-sized companies to multinational corporations.

We strive for relationships based on the principles of honesty, respect and equal partnership. Our goal is long-term cooperation based on these principles.

Rock Consulting is a group of experienced consultants.

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